La Doublure

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La Doublure
Francis Veber :: France :: 2006 ::1h25

Young, simple man in the middle of a relationship crisis is convinced to pretend he is having an affair with a top model to cover-up her affair with a married industrialist. This creative plot line is followed through with a conventional simplicity that ruins the originality of the whole idea. The characters are as predictable as the situations, leaving you with a mere occasional humorous quote. The complete over-exaggeration of the wealth and supposed status of the industrialist and the top model (!?) are supposed to contrast with the bland plainness of the young man with all his integrity. It is hard to imagine how such a talented writer/ director as Mr Veber got himself mixed up into this piece of work, after having a masterpiece like ‘Le Diner de Cons’ and the very funny ‘Le Placard’ to his credit. I hope he is not discouraged and his accumulated goodwill will help stimulate him into his next piece. If you can not resist the temptation to see what he is up to, make sure you are in an exceptionally giddy mood (but no guarantees that will suffice).


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