Toi et Moi

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Toi et Moi
Julie Lopes-Curval :: France :: 2005 :: 1h30

Writer of a photo-novel-magazine draws inspiration from her and her sister’s troubled romantic lives. She herself -nervously played by Julie Depardieu- is hooked on a noncommittal boyish man, while enduring the advances of handsome workman. Her cello-playing sister -played by the ever charming Marion Cotillard- finds herself living in an uninspired relationship while falling in love with a violin prodigy. The characters are unusually well worked out, even if they suffer somewhat from caricature, bringing an certain credibility to a sketch-type movie, which alternates the sister’s photo-novel images with their real lives. An original concept which led to a very female result with funny moments and easy watching. Whether or not that is enough to convince you to go and see it, is another question. Rest assured, that it is at least better than then poster…


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