Underworld 2: Evolution

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Underworld Evolution (Saga Underworld)
Len Wiseman :: USA :: 2006 :: 1h46

The beautiful vampire-warrior Sélène searches for the origins and potential end to the vampire and werewolf’s epic struggle in this dark, gothic violent world in which she finds herself. Not as bad as the press makes it out to be, but still just a simple cartoon-style action movie with imagery which looks like it comes straight from the video game. Somewhat to its credit, the director put some effort into the story-line, but I must say that he could have tried harder to make the dialogues more meaningful. None the less, an improvement from the last one (there is one more to come). The reasons to take the time to go and watch it would be seeing Kate Beckinsale who plays Sélène in her flattering cat suit and some nice gothic inspired photography (and decor). The poster summarizes up most of the movie. Whether or not that can keep you amused will depend on what you are doing at the same time: it may be best to find some friends, a home cinema and a filled fridge to sit though it.



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