Mémoires d’une geisha

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Memoirs of a geisha
Rob Marshall :: USA :: 2006 :: 2h20

Young girl sold into a modern slavery Geisha house in Japan, where she grows up to charm society life amidst the female rivalry. At the heart, is an unlikely romance which no doubt was encouraged by her depraved predicament of having being sold by her own parents, abused, unloved and prostituted. The characters are superficially treated, caricatures in an over-aestheticly romanticized world of rose petals floating in a stream. A few finely crafted responses by the heroine and some predictable pretty photography are far from being sufficient for justifying this production, which even transgresses into the ridiculous at times. If intented rather to serve as a beginners guide to Geisha’s, then it will not fare better- the contradictory nature of an Oscar Wilde gentleman’s company and a courtesan remains, as they can not seem to make up their mind. As unlikely as it is dull, there is little to hold your attention in this uninspired adaptation.



One comment

  1. I’ve seen this picture.
    J’ai vu vu ce film, beaucoup apprécié l’esthétique et l’histoire. C’est un univers qui est rarement abordé au cinéma. En plus avec trois grands comédiennes!

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