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Joao Pedro Rodrigues :: Portugal :: 2004 :: 1h41

Rui loses the love of his life in a car accident and Odete throws out her boyfriend in a fit of disappointment. Two seemingly unrelated stories cross-over through a desire pulling Odete into the life of the mourning Rui. At an unbearably slow pace we are dragged through the murky psychological state of a desperate Rui and an uncontrollable Odete. Her blatant disregard for the emotions of others, leads us (slowly, slowly) to the predictable transformation. No doubt the whole movie was made with the final scene in mind, a scene which must rate as one of the most ridiculous images to have made it into cinema. A story which shows the supremacy of love (Rui’s) but has it all obliterated in a few seconds before the bell rings. But then again, as the names roll up, you can content yourself that yours is not up there with them…



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