Un ticket pour l’espace

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Un ticket pour l’espace
Eric Lartigau :: France :: 2005 :: 1h30

To gain public support for the French Space Agency, two people are given the opportunity -by lottery- to shoot up into the great emptiness. Unfortunately, the Agency’s project does not turn out to be quite the success they imagined. After getting over the humor of asking for your ticket at the box-office, you are shot into an absurd comical world. On paper the film is correctly put together, with its special effects, famous actor line-up and blockbuster story-line, but to have to sit through 1 and a half hours of it is quite a strain. A few funny moments do not suffice for a full movie, even one clearly intended for adolescents. Perhaps it is commendable to auto-produce this kind of commercially inspired products as opposed to just importing them, but then let them then at least have more French cultural undertones. If you do lie down on the floor infront of the TV some day in the future to sit through it on M6, bear in mind you’ll need an after-plan to have actually made something of that rainy sunday afternoon…



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