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Steven Spielberg :: USA :: 2005 :: 2h40

Palestinian terrorists kill Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games, followed by Israeli agents murdering the Palestinians one by one. The blood fued spiral of violence is shown by having the spectator watch more than two and a half hours of murdering in different brutal scenes. Of course the highly unethical nature of the whole story, which in itself does not warrant another visually hyper-violent movie, makes you wonder why you are there watching it. If you want to understand the nature of spirals of violence and can take excessive screen violence, I would recomend the Brazillian ‘La Cité de Dieu’ (Meirelles, 2002) which is vastly superior. Spielberg’s movie is really just a series of violence on violence in the customary commercial action movie tradition with no added value to a tradedy nobody wants to relive.


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