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Luc Besson :: France :: 2005 :: 1h30

Small-time crook Andre sees his whole miserable world around him fall apart. When standing on the Alexander III bridge ready to take his own life, he notices that he is not alone. Between the man-made beauty carved in stone, and that sculpted in bronze, he sees Angela (Rie Rasmussen), as desperate as his wretched self, throw herself into the quietly flowing Seine. Panic-stricken, he hurls himself after her saving her life. Back on the embankment, the beautiful and enigmatic Angela towers over him like an inverse mirror. When they walk away together, they both take their first steps to winning over the burdens of the heart. What is unfortunate, is the backdrop sequence – as breathtaking as it is, it defies all logic. They seem to pass an unreasonable amount of time on bridges, as if there are not enough enchanting spots to film around Paris. This touristic guide through the city’s highlights distracts the attention from what is actually magnificent photography. Watch, and watch well, for it is in essence a haiku fairytale -short and beautiful- to such an extent that you could, bizarrely enough, miss the whole thing.


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