Le Tigre et la Neige

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La Tigre e la Neve
Roberto Benigni :: Italy :: 2005 :: 1h55

A crisis in their relationship separates them, but the poet is convinced their love will once again flourish. Imagine a frustrated, clumsy, obsessional neurotic trying to win back the heart of the one he loves. No doubt you are missing out reading subtitles, as the movie orientates itself around a love of language as much as it does human love. The result is touching, even if -like in La Vie est Belle– there is some discomfort about the clownesque style, partly for being just that and partly for brushing over serious subjects – there is 2005 occupied Bagdad as a backdrop. Is it really possible not to take a political stance on war, invasion and power abuse when showing a state of dictatorship turned occupied territory? Not seeing something does not make it go away, but it does allow you to live with it, for better or for worse (rather harshly shown in the movie). Several classical cinema full-circle structure tricks are used, which is a little unfortunate, but the basis of our sympathy for the character is genuine. Touched, amused and confused you walk out, as you realize that our Roman court jester has done it again.



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