Le temps qui reste

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Le temps qui reste
François Ozon :: France :: 2005 :: 1h25

Behind the unambiguous title hides the story of a young photographer who finds out his life is to end shortly. It is a sunny day when he walks out of the doctor’s office and sits on a park bench staring out in front of him. He sees some friends lying in the grass chatting, someone else half asleep, a elderly couple on bench. He takes out his camera and takes a picture. His self-centered character takes its first step. But where to? We follow him along his path, wondering what he can make of the time he has left. He can manage a reconciliation in the few months to come, but only with himself. The minimalistic presentation, as if Ozon lifted out the scenes of his character’s life with tweezers, brings us intimately close. Yet imperfections are left in form as if to mirror those in content, as our (anti-)hero comes closer to himself but coldly leaves the others behind, in sync with the life he had built for himself. A very impressive piece of work.



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