Palais Royal !

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Palais Royal !
Valérie Lemercier :: France :: 2004 :: 1h40

Two seemingly ordinary people are thrust onto the throne of a fictional (Belgian-like) nation after which they sort out their dirty laundry in public (UK-style). Although clearly a capable actress, Ms Lemercier shows herself at a loss at directing a feature movie – an issue probably picked up by her producers during the editing, inspiring the premature, heavily over-done advertising campaign no doubt intended for a first weekend cash-in before the contents become public. The story-line opens with a simple couple who is completely indifferent as to the death of their father (in-law), the king. Since they are indifferent, the audience adopts their position creating an instant distance between you and the main characters, a distance already implicit by their unconvincing as royalty and unlovable nature. The emotions which are hurled our way as the story progresses are superfluous by consequence, as are the naively intended humorous situations portrayed. Unprofessional camera work and bad sound mixing finish the whole product off, leaving you with the dilemma of whether or not to laugh at the -at times- admittedly funny dialogues. To mutilate one of their gags: from now on ‘bad’ could also be written with an ‘s’.


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