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Emmanuelle Bercot :: France :: 2005 :: 1h55

Common girl fan meets her idol through a TV show, follows her up to Paris and they combine into a necessary but impossible relationship. The two characters are both very physical in their expressions, lacking the development of self-analysis which adulthood brings the lucky ones amongst us. If you are happy you laugh, if you are upset you cry and if you are angry you break something. The complexity of their relationship is not done justice for the viewer, as he is forced to figure it out for himself with their childlike reactions. The Mylene Farmer type idol does not seem like a popstar, but rather more like an over-the-hill actress, and the unattractive provincial fan is a very unlikely love-interest for the nightlife vampire in the popstar’s entourage, both rendering the whole tale unconvincing. Unless you have a special fascination with the nature of teenage fan-hood or a fictional rock-star’s real life I would skip over this one – despite the mysterious raving reception of the press.


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