Déjà mort

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Déjà mort
Olivier Dahan :: France :: 1997 :: 1h48

Boy in love with girl naively introduces girl into the decadent world of erotica and pornography in the beautiful, sunny French Riviera with unlikely black clouds on the horizon. Very watch-able sliding-into-catastrophy-type film, which holds one of my favorite scenes: alarm clock goes off at 13:12. A sweaty hung over face knocks back a few aspirins with the bright sun light coming into the room. Drives off in his father’s cabriolet into the residential Nice. Arrives on a chic sea side terrace where his father is waiting for lunch, He father has ordered him a salad. Father talks. Son lights a cigarette. Father talks. Drinks water. Extinguishes cigarette. Can hardly see father. Takes off sunglasses. Does not help, father is out of focus. Father asks something about his studies. Son replies something. Drinks more water. The scene is not only very funny, but the brief conversation and style captures the movie in its essence. Youthful mindlessness covered in a veil of inherited character and light sophistication. Well worked out credible characters in a cult youth thriller.


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